DFARS 252.247-7010 Scope of Contract. Basic (Dec 1991)

As prescribed in 247.271-3(d), when acquiring services for the preparation of personal property for movement or storage, or for performance of intra-city or intra-area movement, use the following provisions, clauses, and schedules. Revise solicitation provisions and schedules, as appropriate, if using negotiation rather than sealed bidding. Overseas commands, except those in Alaska and Hawaii, may modify these clauses to conform to local practices, laws, and regulations. (d) The clause at 252.247-7010, Scope of Contract.


      (a)  The Contractor shall furnish services and materials for the preparation of personal property (including servicing of appliances) for movement or storage, drayage and related services.  Unless otherwise indicated in the Schedule, the Contractor shall—

              (1)  Furnish all materials except Government-owned containers (Federal Specification PPP-B-580), all equipment, plant and labor; and

              (2)  Perform all work in accomplishing containerization of personal property for overseas or domestic movement or storage, including—

                    (i)  Stenciling;

                    (ii)  Cooperage;

                    (iii)  Drayage of personal property in connection with other services;

                    (iv)  Decontainerization of inbound shipments of personal property; and

                    (v)  The handling of shipments into and out of the Contractor's facility.

      (b)  Excluded from the scope of this contract is the furnishing of like services or materials which are provided incident to complete movement of personal property when purchased by the Through Government Bill of Lading or other method/mode of shipment or property to be moved under the Do-It-Yourself moving program or otherwise moved by the owner.

(End of clause)


Supplies ✖ Subcontractor ✖ Construction ✖ Architect-Eng ✖ (Applies to services for the preparation of personal property for movement or storage.);

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