NAVY 5252.232-9509 Travel Approval and Reimbursement Procedures (NAVAIR) Basic (Oct 2013) (Current)

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(a) General. Performance under this contract may require travel by Contractor personnel. If travel, domestic or overseas, is required, the Contractor is responsible for making all necessary arrangements for its personnel. These include but are not limited to: medical examinations, immunizations, passports/visas/etc., and security clearances.

(b) Travel Approval Process. No prior approval is required for travel under this contract.

(c) Travel Policy.

    (1) Travel arrangements shall be planned in accordance with the Federal Travel regulations, prescribed by the General Services Administration for travel in the conterminous 48 United States, (hereinafter the FTR) and the Joint Travel Regulation, Volume 2, DoD Civilian Personnel, Appendix A, prescribed by the Department of Defense (hereinafter the JTR).

    (2) The Government will reimburse the Contractor for allowable travel costs incurred by the Contractor in performance of the contract in accordance with FAR Subpart 31.2.

    (3) For purposes of reimbursement of travel expenses, the Contractor's official station is defined as within 50 miles of the Contractor's regular work site. (If Contractor has more than one regular work site, the official station is defined as within 50 miles of each of its regular work sites.)

    (4) The Contractors documentation for the reimbursement of travel costs (e.g., receipts) shall be governed as set forth in FAR Subpart 31.2, the FTR, and the JTR.

    (5) Car Rental for a team on temporary duty (TDY) at one site will be allowed provided that only one car is rented for every four (4) members of the TDY team. In the event that less than four (4) persons comprise the TDY team, car rental will be allowed if necessary to complete the mission required.

   (6) Whenever work assignments require TDY aboard a Government ship, the Contractor will be reimbursed at the per diem identified in the JTR.

(End of clause)


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