Copy text from RFPs or contracts and paste it into the textbox.

After you click the “Extract” button, the tool will extract clause numbers, versions, and alt designations. The tool will neither extract nor remember any other information you are pasting with your text.

Note: Our tool is capable of extracting FAR clauses from any editable Word, Excel, or PDF documents. If your contract/RFP is a scanned PDF document, you will need to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert it into an editable file.

If you are unable to extract any clauses, see if pasting your text into Notepad first and then pasting it into the textbox will help.

Remember: You are always in control of what information you are pasting into our site; however, whether you only paste the Section I or paste the entire contract or RFP, our tool will only extract clause numbers, versions, and alts -- all other information will be discarded!

Note 1: If the tool is giving an error message that it cannot find any clauses, make sure that your document actually contains FAR/DFARS/Supplement clauses in their proper format (e.g. 52.2xx-xx or 252.2xx-xxxx). 

Note 2: If you tool is giving you any other error message after clicking on the Extract button, it is possible that your document is too large -- try pasting only a section of the document (e.g. Section I).

Note 3: FARclause’s algorithms are designed to only extract three attributes from the text you are pasting into the Web site: Clause numbers, Alt designations, and Version dates. This information resides in the public domain.  FARclause discards all other information you are pasting with the text, and the text you are pasting into the Web site is presumed to also originate from the documents available in the public domain (e.g. solicitations on, prime contract awards, or corporate terms and conditions available on public sites). In addition, FARclause gives you the greatest flexibility and control over how and what information you are pasting into the Web site; however, we still must caution you to not paste any classified, sensitive, controlled unclassified information, covered defense information, or other proprietary information into the Web site.

In sum, since we are not asking you to upload any documents (beware of any sites that do!), allowing you to paste the text from your document instead, you are always in control of what information you are pasting. Our site will discard all text -- other than the clause numbers, Alts, and Dates. We also don't collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and won't ask you to subscribe to a mailing list.

Your feedback is very important to us -- let us know if you have successfully extracted your clauses or had any problems doing so.