Frequently Asked Questions

Whether your task today is to evaluate a solicitation or contract for compliance with the FAR requirements, or you are required to perform a risk analysis or generate subcontractor flow down clauses, you will find this site helpful because it allows you to do just that without typing a single clause.

How exactly does that work?
Simply copy text containing FAR clauses and provisions from your document into our "Extract-Text Box" and all Clause numbers, together with their Alt designations and dates will be extracted and advanced for your validation and analysis. 
Take a peek of how it works using our Free Risk Analysis page at

If your department's role is to contribute to the proposal teams by performing RFP risk analyses, or you are tasked to generate subcontractor flow down clauses, you've come to the right place. Using advanced automation, we have created a tool that instantly extracts all FAR and supplemental clauses from RFP's and prepares them for analysis and flow down generation. will also let you store all contract clauses and retrieve them instantly by a contract number or just a key word from the clauses' prescription or full text. 

Yes, just copy the text containing FAR clauses from your RFP or contract and paste it into the text box under the Free Risk Analysis page.

Note: Our tool only extracts the following 3 parameters from your document: Clause numbers, Alts, and Dates -- all other information is discarded!

Of course! Quickly answer questions related to your subcontractors’ unique requirements to dynamically generate a list of proper subcontractor flow down clauses.

Since all subcontractor flow down clauses originate directly from the prime contract, you will never have to worry about flowing down too many clauses or flowing down clauses that don't exist under your prime contract.

The Free Risk Analysis page gives you a preview of what you can expect to see in the premium pages.

Just paste any text containing FAR/DFARS/NASA clauses into our "Extract-Text Box", click on Extract and our tool will locate all clause numbers, dates, and alt designations in your document. 

Once your clauses are extracted, you will instantly see how your clauses are organized, which ones are outdated, and which ones are recommended for flowing down to subcontracts.

In addition, you can profile clauses for risk and departmental interest.

Note: Wen you mouse over any chart, you will see the count of clauses by category; when you click on each pie or bar, a list of applicable clauses will be displayed. For best experience, we recommend using the Chrome or Edge browsers.

FARclause gives you the greatest flexibility and control over how and what information you are pasting into the Web site; however, we caution you to not paste any classified, sensitive, controlled unclassified information, covered defense information, or other proprietary information into the Web site.

As a subscribed user, you will have the ability to save your list of extracted clauses into Contracts/RFPs records. You will also have the ability to edit your clauses by adding, deleting, or editing clause numbers, their Alts, and version dates.

You can compare up to 4 different sets of clauses side-by-side to see if there are any differences.

In the Analyze section, you will have the option to choose from various reports, giving you the flexibility to print your clauses in full text, in full text with prescriptions, or in summaries, etc.

You can also annotate your clauses with “global” notes (e.g. based on your corporate policy or guidance) that are visible across your projects or “contract-specific” notes that are applicable to each Contract/RFP. You can quickly copy the “global” notes to your “contract-specific notes”.

Separately, as a subscribed user you will gain the ability to generate flow down clauses that are specifically tailored to your subcontractors or, if you are the subcontractor, you can use this feature to check whether the clauses given to you by the prime contractor are applicable to your own work.

For more information refer to our “Plan” page where we explain the features of different types of subscriptions.

We update our site daily, sometimes even multiple times a day just to ensure that we always list the most current clauses and provisions.

FARclause is hosted on a secured server and is supported by a comprehensive network of technology and solutions, protecting your data with industry-leading security standards that will meet or exceed your most rigorous security demands and requirements. Our cloud solution provides a secure foundation in infrastructure and operational security. Its advanced threat protection, as well as continuous monitoring, testing and auditing, keeps your data safe from known and unknown threats.

In addition, FARclause’s algorithms are designed to only extract three attributes from the text you are pasting into the Web site: Clause numbers, Alt designations, and Version dates. This information resides in the public domain.  FARclause discards all other information you are pasting with the text, and the text you are pasting into the Web site is presumed to also originate from the documents available in the public domain (e.g. solicitations on, prime contract awards, or corporate terms and conditions available on public sites). In addition, FARclause gives you the greatest flexibility and control over how and what information you are pasting into the Web site; however, we still must caution you to not paste any classified, sensitive, controlled unclassified information, or other proprietary information into the Web site.

In sum, since we are not asking you to upload any documents (beware of any sites that do!), allowing you to paste the text from your document instead, you are always in control of what information you are pasting. Our site will discard all text -- other than the clause numbers, Alts, and Dates. We also don't collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and won't ask you to subscribe to a mailing list.


For best experience and speed we recommend using either the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Yes, please contact us directly through our site. In exchange for a free trial, we will just kindly ask you that you let us know who you are and what organization you work for so that we can tailor the experience to your needs.

According to the Federal Procurement Data System, the U.S. government has spent over $10 million to develop a FAR automation tool called "Clause Logic", an application that is available only to contracting officers. That's just the development, not counting the maintenance of the system. 

Since no such technology currently exists for the use by federal contractors, we have created the site specifically for the industry. 

Our prices are as follows:

•    We only charge $300 per license/month.
•    Since we use a cloud-based technology, our site doesn't require any costly and time-consuming deployments, installations, or configurations -- it is ready to be used immediately after you subscribe to the site. 
•    You don't ever have to worry about maintaining the clause library - we do that for you!