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FAR Clauses Dealing with Pandemics and Mission-essential Services.

Dear FARclause Government and Corporate Users, As we are experiencing a spike in searches for clauses dealing with pandemics, suspensions, mission-essential services, work from home, excusable delays, and equitable adjustments, we would like to help out by providing a list of the most common clauses dealing with these topics. [...]

Most Recent Clauses and Deviations

How many sites do you have to visit to locate the latest additions and deviations to FAR/DFARS and all other supplements? There are more than 2000 clauses and provisions between all government regulations -- how do you locate those that have been deleted in the current year? I don't think we will get a consistent answer here, so our team has designed the FAR Stats page where you will find all necessary information to perform the above tasks instantly. [...]

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