AFFARS 5352.209-9000 and 5352.209-9001 OCI Clauses in Full Text

The "Interim Change Policy Memo" hyperlinks listed under the AFFARS 5352.209-9000 Organizational Conflict of Interest and AFFARS 5352.209-9001 Potential Organizational Conflict of Interest, as posted on the FARSITE.HILL site, have not been working for a while.

It must be quite frustrating for the bidders to encounter the error page, after clicking on the links, that states that "attackers might be trying to steal your information from"; however, we've been pointing out for a while that the FARSITE.HILL.AF.MIL site is not a secured site,missing its SSL certificate. 

We have a copy of the memo, including the full text of the two clauses. You can open the memo by clicking on the main image right above this article. 


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