DFARS 252.237-7002 Award to Single Offeror. Basic (Nov 2014)

As prescribed in 237.7003(a) and (a)(1), use the basic or the alternate of the provision at 252.237-7002, Award to Single Offeror, in solicitations and contracts for mortuary services. (1) Use the basic provision in all sealed bid solicitations for mortuary services. (2) Use the alternate I provision in all negotiated solicitations for mortuary services.
AWARD TO SINGLE OFFEROR—BASIC (NOV 2014) (a) Award shall be made to a single offeror. (b) Offerors shall include unit prices for each item. Failure to include unit prices for each item will be cause for rejection of the entire offer. (c) The Government will evaluate offers on the basis of the estimated quantities shown. (d) Award will be made to that responsive, responsible offeror whose total aggregate offer is the lowest price to the Government. (End of provision)
Subcontractor ✖ Mortuary ✔ (Applies to mortuary services. );

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