DFARS 252.247-7008 Evaluation of Bids. Basic (Apr 2014)

As prescribed in 247.271-3 and 247.271-3(a) and (a)(1), when acquiring services for the preparation of personal property for movement or storage, or for performance of intra-city or intra-area movement, use the following provisions, clauses, and schedules. Revise solicitation provisions and schedules, as appropriate, if using negotiation rather than sealed bidding. Overseas commands, except those in Alaska and Hawaii, may modify these clauses to conform to local practices, laws, and regulations.
(a) Use the basic or the alternate of the provision at 252.247-7008, Evaluation of Bids. (1) Use the basic provision when there are no “additional services” items being added to the schedule. (2) Use the alternate I provision when adding “additional services” items to the schedule.


      (a)  The Government will evaluate bids on the basis of total aggregate price of all items within an area of performance under a given schedule.

              (1)  An offeror must bid on all items within a specified area of performance for a given schedule.  Failure to do so shall be cause for rejection of the bid for that area of performance of that Schedule.  If there is to be no charge for an item, an entry such as “No Charge,” or the letters “N/C” or “0,” must be made in the unit price column of the Schedule.

              (2)  Any bid which stipulates minimum charges or graduated prices for any or all items shall be rejected for that area of performance within the Schedule.

      (b)  In addition to other factors, the Contracting Officer will evaluate bids on the basis of advantages or disadvantages to the Government that might result from making more than one award (multiple awards).

              (1)  In making this evaluation, the Contracting Officer will assume that the administrative cost to the Government for issuing and administering each contract awarded under this solicitation would be $500.

              (2)  Individual awards will be for the items and combinations of items which result in the lowest aggregate cost to the Government, including the administrative costs in paragraph (b)(1).

      (c)  When drayage is necessary for the accomplishment of any item in the bid schedule, the Offeror shall include in the unit price any costs for bridge or ferry tolls, road use charges or similar expenses.

      (d)  Unless otherwise provided in this solicitation, the Offeror shall state prices in amounts per hundred pounds on gross or net weights, whichever is applicable.  All charges shall be subject to, and payable on, the basis of 100 pounds minimum weight for unaccompanied baggage and a 500 pound minimum weight for household goods, net or gross weight, whichever is applicable.

(End of provision)


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