DFARS 252.247-7009 Award. Basic (Dec 1991)

As prescribed in 247.271-3(b), when acquiring services for the preparation of personal property for movement or storage, or for performance of intra-city or intra-area movement, use the following provisions, clauses, and schedules. Revise solicitation provisions and schedules, as appropriate, if using negotiation rather than sealed bidding. Overseas commands, except those in Alaska and Hawaii, may modify these clauses to conform to local practices, laws, and regulations. (b) The provision at 252.247-7009, Award.
AWARD (DEC 1991) (a) The Government shall make award by area to the qualified low bidder under each of the specified schedules to the extent of the bidder's stated guaranteed daily capability as provided in this solicitation and the Estimated Quantities Schedule. (b) The Government reserves the right to make an award of two or more areas to a single bidder if such award will result in an overall lower estimated cost to the Government. (c) The Government also reserves the right to award additional contracts, as a result of this solicitation, to the extent necessary to meet its estimated maximum daily requirements. (End of provision)
Supplies ✖ Subcontractor ✖ Contracts ✖ Construction ✖ Architect-Eng ✖ (Applies to services for the preparation of personal property for movement or storage.);

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