DFARS 252.247-7019 Drayage. Basic (Dec 1991)

As prescribed in 247.271-3(m), when acquiring services for the preparation of personal property for movement or storage, or for performance of intra-city or intra-area movement, use the following provisions, clauses, and schedules. Revise solicitation provisions and schedules, as appropriate, if using negotiation rather than sealed bidding. Overseas commands, except those in Alaska and Hawaii, may modify these clauses to conform to local practices, laws, and regulations. (m) The clause at 252.247-7019, Drayage.


      (a)  Drayage included for Schedule I, Outbound, applies in those instances when a shipment requires drayage to an air, water, or other terminal for onward movement after completion of shipment preparation by the Contractor.  Drayage not included is when it is being moved from a residence or other pickup point to the Contractor's warehouse for onward movement by another freight company, carrier, etc.

      (b)  Drayage included for Schedule II, Inbound, applies in those instances when shipment is delivered, as ordered, from a destination Contractor's facility or other destination point to the final delivery point.  Drayage not included is when shipment or partial removal of items from shipment is performed and prepared for member's pickup at destination delivery point.

      (c)  The Contractor will reposition empty Government containers—

              (1)  Within the area of performance;

              (2)  As directed by the Contracting Officer; and

              (3)  At no additional cost to the Government.

(End of clause)


Prime’s Interest;
Supplies ✖ Construction ✖ Architect-Eng ✖ (Applies to services for the preparation of personal property for movement or storage.);

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