FAR 52.214-21 Descriptive Literature. Basic (Apr 2002) (Current)

As prescribed in 14.201-6, 

(p)(1) Insert the provision at 52.214-21, Descriptive Literature, in invitations for bids if—

        (i) Descriptive literature is required to evaluate the technical acceptability of an offered product; and

        (ii) The required information will not be readily available unless it is submitted by bidders.

    (2) Use the basic clause with its Alternate I if the possibility exists that the contracting officer may waive the requirement for furnishing descriptive literature for a bidder offering a previously supplied product that meets specification requirements of the current solicitation.

    (3) See 14.202-5(d)(2) regarding waiving the requirement for all bidders.

Descriptive Literature (Apr 2002)

(a) “Descriptive literature,” as used in this provision, means information furnished by a bidder, such as cuts, illustrations, drawings, and brochures, that shows a product’s characteristics or construction or explains its operation. The term includes only that information required to evaluate the acceptability of the product and excludes other information for operating or maintaining the product.

(b) Descriptive literature is required to establish, for the purpose of evaluation and award, details of the product offered that are specified elsewhere in the solicitation and pertain to significant elements such as—

    (1) Design;

    (2) Materials;

    (3) Components;

    (4) Performance characteristics; and

    (5) Methods of manufacture, assembly, construction, or operation.

(c) Descriptive literature, required elsewhere in this solicitation, shall be—

    (1) Identified to show the item(s) of the offer to which it applies; and

    (2) Received by the time specified in this solicitation.

(d) If the bidder fails to submit descriptive literature on time, the Government will reject the bid, except that late descriptive literature sent by mail may be considered under the Late Submissions, Modifications, and Withdrawals of Bids provision of this solicitation.

(e) If the descriptive literature fails to show that the product offered conforms to the requirements of the solicitation, the Government will reject the bid.

(End of provision)


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