NAVY 5252.216-9122 LEVEL OF EFFORT- ALTERNATE 1 Alt I (May 2010) (Current)

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(a) The Contractor agrees to provide the total level of effort specified in the next sentence in performance of the work described in Sections B and C of this contract. The total level of effort for the performance of this contract shall be total man-hours of direct labor, including subcontractor direct labor for those subcontractors specifically identified in the Contractors proposal as having hours included in the proposed level of effort.

(b) Of the total man-hours of direct labor set forth above, it is estimated that  ...Q_man-hours are uncompensated effort. Uncompensated effort is defined as hours provided by personnel in excess of 40 hours per week without additional compensation for such excess work. All other effort is defined as compensated effort. If no effort is indicated in the first sentence of this paragraph, uncompensated effort performed by the Contractor shall not be counted in fulfillment of the level of effort obligations under this contract.

(c) Effort performed in fulfilling the total level of effort obligations specified above shall only include effort performed in direct support of this contract and shall not include time and effort expended on such things as (local travel to and from an employee's  usual work location), uncompensated effort while on travel status, truncated lunch periods, work (actual or inferred) at an employee's residence or other non-work locations (except as provided in paragraph (i) below), or other time and effort which does not have a specific and direct contribution to the tasks described in Sections B and C.

(d) The level of effort for this contract shall be expended at an average rate of approximately [ ] hours per week. It is understood and agreed that the rate of man-hours per month may fluctuate in pursuit of the technical objective, provided such fluctuation does not result in the use of the total man-hours  of effort prior to the expiration of the term hereof, except as provided in the following paragraph.

(e) If, during the term hereof, the Contractor  finds it necessary to accelerate the expenditure  of direct labor to such an extent that the total man-hours  of effort specified above would be used prior to the expiration of the term, the Contractor shall notify the Contracting  Officer in writing setting forth the acceleration required, the probable benefits which would result,

and an offer to undertake the acceleration at no increase in the estimated cost or fee together with an offer, setting forth a proposed level of effort, cost breakdown, and proposed fee, for continuation of the work until expiration of the term hereof. The offer shall provide that the work proposed will be subject to the terms and conditions  of this contract and any additions or changes required by then current law, regulations,  or directives, and that the offer, with a written notice of

acceptance by the Contracting Officer, shall constitute a binding contract. The Contractor shall not accelerate any effort until receipt of such written approval by the Contracting Officer. Any agreement to accelerate will be formalized by contract modification.

(f) The Contracting Officer may, by written order, direct the Contractor to accelerate the expenditure of direct labor such that the total man-hours of effort specified in paragraph (a) above would be used prior to the expiration of the term. This order shall specify the acceleration required and the resulting revised term. The Contractor shall acknowledge this order within five days of receipt.

(g) The Contractor shall provide and maintain an accounting  system, acceptable to the Administrative  Contracting  Officer and the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), which collects costs incurred and effort (compensated and uncompensated, if any) provided in fulfillment  of the level of effort obligations of this contract. The Contractor shall indicate on each invoice the total level of effort claimed during the period covered by the invoice, separately identifying compensated effort and uncompensated effort, if any.

(h) Within 45 days after completion of the work under each separately identified period of performance hereunder, the Contractor shall submit the following  information  in writing to the Contracting  Officer with copies to the cognizant Contract Administration Office and to the DCAA office to which vouchers are submitted:  (1) the total number of man-hours of direct labor expended during the applicable period; (2) a breakdown of this total showing the number of man-hours expended in each direct labor classification and associated direct and indirect costs; (3) a breakdown of other costs incurred; and (4) the Contractor's estimate of the total allowable cost incurred  under the contract for the period. Within 45 days after completion of the work under the contract, the Contractor shall submit, in addition, in the case of a cost underrun; (5) the amount by which the estimated cost of this contract may be reduced to recover excess funds. All submissions shall include subcontractor information.

(i) Unless the Contracting Officer determines that alternative worksite arrangements are detrimental to contract performance, the Contractor may perform up to 100/o of the hours at an alternative worksite, provided the Contractor has a company­ approved alternative worksite plan. The primary worksite is the traditional "main office" worksite. An alternative worksite means an employee's residence or a telecommuting center. A telecommuting center is a geographically convenient office setting as an alternative to an employee's main office. The Government reserves the right to review the Contractor's alternative worksite plan. In the event performance becomes unacceptable, the Contractor will be prohibited from counting the hours performed at the alternative worksite in fulfilling the total level of effort obligations of the contract. Regardless of work location, all contract terms and conditions, including security requirements and labor laws, remain in effect. The Government shall not incur any additional cost nor provide additional equipment for contract performance as a result of the Contractor's election to implement an alternative worksite plan.

(j) Notwithstanding any of the provisions in the above paragraphs and subject to the Limitation of Funds or Limitation of Cost clauses, as applicable, the period of performance may be extended and the estimated cost may be increased in order to permit the Contractor to provide all of the man-hours listed in paragraph (a) above. The contractor shall continue to be paid fee for each man-hour performed in accordance with the terms of the contract.

(End of clause)


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