Army 5152.232-5901 Wide Area Workflow Basic (AUG 2011) (Current)

This clause has not been authorized for official release. We recommend deferring to the text of the clause in your RFP or contract.
As prescribed in AI 5132.1110-100(c), insert clause 5152.232-5901, Wide Area Workflow Instructions in all solicitations. Although an exception to the use of WAWF is identified in FAR 32.1103 and DFARS 232.7002(a)(4), the Contracting Officer will decide whether to utilize the FAR exception to implement this clause or not, depending on the following:

    (1) If the contractor provides a written request for the use of WAWF to the Contracting Officer.

    (2) The PCO, after reviewing the contractor’s request will determine in writing if the requirement is feasible, or not, for utilization of WAWF. The decision to waive the exception in FAR 32.1102 and DFARS 232.7002(a)(4) and implement WAWF requirements is at the sole discretion of the Contracting Officer.

    (3) The contractor will be notified within 30 days after requesting WAWF concerning whether or not WAWF will be utilized on their contract.

As draw-down operations commence in Afghanistan, Contracting Officers should consider factors such as:

    (1) Whether the political, financial, and communications infrastructure in Afghanistan support payment by EFT;

    (2) Whether payments of other than U.S. currency may be made safely using EFT;

    (3) Whether the contract is a classified or Counter-Insurgency contract which could compromise the safeguarding of classified information or national security ; whether electronic submission would be unduly burdensome to the contractor;

    (4) Whether a Section 886 determination applies and awards to a foreign vendor would result;

    (5) Whether DoD is unable to receive payment requests or provide acceptance in electronic form considering the communications infrastructure at the geographic location of the COR;

    (6) Whether valid entries for the required fields in WAWF (CCR Cage Code, Valid Pay DoDAAC, Valid Issue DoDAAC, Valid Admin DoDAAC, Valid Inspect by DoDAAC, and valid Ship To DoDAACs) exist;

    (7) Whether the potential vendors EFT capability is known;

    (8) Whether EFT payment would support the objectives of the operation;

    (9) Whether the vendor is CCR registered and possess a valid tax identification number;

    (10) Whether payments of other than U.S. currency may be made safely.


(a) To implement DFARS Clause 252.232-7003, "ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION OF PAYMENT REQUESTS," CJTSCC uses Wide Area Workflow-Receipt and Acceptance (WAWF-RA) to electronically process contractor requests for payment. This application allows DOD contractors to submit and track invoices and receipt/acceptance documents electronically.

(b) The contractor is required to use WAWF-RA when processing invoices and receiving reports under this procurement action. Submission of hard copy DD250/invoices will no longer be accepted for payment except as provided in paragraph 3 of this clause.


The contractor shall register to use WAWF at . There is no charge to use WAWF. All questions relating to system setup and vendor training can be directed to the help desk in Ogden, UT. Their number is 1-866-618-5988. Web-based training for WAWF is also available at .


    (1) Progress Payment (For use under contractually authorized Progress Payments)

    (2) Performance Based Payment (For use under contractually authorized Performance Based Payments)

    (3) "COMBO" Invoice/Receiving Report (For Supply CLINS including ammunition items and ammunition related items)

    (4) "2-in-1" (For Service CLINS only)

    (5) Cost Voucher (For use with Cost Reimbursement contracts, Time and Material or Labor Hour contracts containing FAR Clauses 52.216-7, "Allowable Cost and Payment" or 52.232-7, "Payments under Time-and-Materials and Labor-Hour Contracts")


Contractor CAGE Code* ____________

Pay DoDAAC (Department of Defense Activity Address Code)*:

Issue DoDAAC*:

Admin DoDAAC*:

Inspect by DoDAAC*:

Contracting Officer*

Ship to Code*: (Not Required for Services)

*Required fields in WAWF. CAGE Code, Paying, Issuing, and Administering DoDAACs and the assigned Contracting Officer may be found on the face of the award document. When the contract administration is assigned to DCMA; the contractor should contact the assigned Administrative Contracting Officer to obtain the applicable "inspect by" DoDAAC. If contract administration is retained by the Issuing/Procuring Activity; the contractor should contact the assigned Procuring Contracting Officer to obtain the applicable "inspect by" DoDAAC.

(f) When items are ready for shipment, the contractor shall prepare and include with each shipment, a receipt and accountability document describing the contents of the shipment. Its purpose is to ensure proper receipt and accountability is maintained for ammunition and ammunition related items. In accordance with DFARS 252.246-7000, contractor submission of the material inspection and receiving information required by Appendix F of the DFARS by using the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF) electronic form fulfills the requirement for a material inspection and receiving report (DD Form 250). Two copies of the receiving report (paper copies of either the DD Form 250 or the WAWF report that reflect the exact contents of each conveyance) shall be distributed with each shipment, in accordance with Appendix F, Part 4, F-401, and Table 1 of the DFARS. In addition to including a copy of the receipt and accountability document with each shipment, the contractor shall send an electronic copy to the Contracting Officer within one day of shipment.

(g) If the volume of the shipment precludes the use of a single car, truck, or other vehicle, a separate receipt and accountability document shall be prepared and included in the shipment. If the shipped to, marked for, shipped from, mode of shipment, contract quality assurance and acceptance data are the same for more than one shipment made on the same day under the contract, the contractor may prepare one document to cover all shipments; however, each document shall be annotated to reflect the partial of any item on a single vehicle, such as partial 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3 and the document accompanying each shipment shall identify the unique contents of each vehicle, i.e., lot, quantity per lot, etc. For proper receipt and accountability, the WAWF electronic document shall contain, at a minimum, the following information for each shipment:

(h) The "Header Tab" of WAWF must identify the Prime contractor's name and CAGE Code.

(i) Besides the financial requirements of "Unit Price", "Unit of Measure", "Qty. Shipped", the extended dollar "Amount", and the ACRN, the "Line Item" tab of WAWF must identify:

    Contract Number

    Delivery Order number (if applicable)

    Shipment Number

    Invoice Number

    Item Number (CLIN Number from contract)

    Stock Number (NSN)

(j) In the "Description" field of the WAWF document, the MILSTRIP requisition document number and the ammunition LOT and serial number (if applicable) must be annotated for the quantities shipped related to this particular invoice.
NOTE: If there are multiple LOT numbers or multiple MILSTRIP requisition document numbers, each LOT number and MILSTRIP requisition number must be identified separately.

(End of Clause)


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