DFARS 252.225-7024 Requirement for Products or Services from Afghanistan. Basic (Sep 2013) (Current)

As prescribed in 225.7703-4(b), use the clause at 252.225-7024, Requirement for Products or Services from Afghanistan, in solicitations, including solicitations using FAR part 12 procedures for the acquisition of commercial items, that include the provision at 252.225-7023, Preference for Products or Services from Afghanistan, and in the resulting contract.


(SEP 2013)

      (a)  Definitions.  As used in this clause—

              (1)  “Product from Afghanistan” means a product that is mined, produced, or manufactured in Afghanistan.

              (2)  “Service from Afghanistan” means a service including construction that is performed in Afghanistan predominantly by citizens or permanent resident aliens of Afghanistan.

      (b)  The Contractor shall provide only products from Afghanistan or services from Afghanistan under this contract, unless, in its offer, it specified that it would provide products or services other than products from Afghanistan or services from Afghanistan.

(End of clause)


Prime’s Interest;
  DFARS 212.301 (Applies to contracts that provide a preference for products or services from Afghanistan in accordance with 225.7703-1(a)(1).)
⚠ =252.225-7023 Basic

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