DFARS 252.237-7003 Requirements. Basic (Dec 1991) (Current)

As prescribed in 237.7003(b), use the following clauses in all mortuary service solicitations and contracts, except do not use the clauses at 252.237-7004, Area of Performance, in solicitations or contracts that include port of entry requirements:


      (a)  Except as provided in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this clause, the Government will order from the Contractor all of its requirements in the area of performance for the supplies and services listed in the schedule of this contract.

      (b)  Each order will be issued as a delivery order and will list—

              (1)  The supplies or services being ordered;

              (2)  The quantities to be furnished;

              (3)  Delivery or performance dates;

              (4)  Place of delivery or performance;

              (5)  Packing and shipping instructions;

              (6)  The address to send invoices; and

              (7)  The funds from which payment will be made.

      (c)  The Government may elect not to order supplies and services under this contract in instances where the body is removed from the area for medical, scientific, or other reason.

      (d)  In an epidemic or other emergency, the contracting activity may obtain services beyond the capacity of the Contractor's facilities from other sources.

      (e)  Contracting Officers of the following activities may order services and supplies under this contract—




(End of clause)

Supplies ✖ Subcontractor ✖ Mortuary ✔ Construction ✖ Architect-Eng ✖ (Applies to mortuary service solicitations);

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