DFARS 252.237-7016 Delivery Tickets. Alt I (Nov 2014) (Current)

As prescribed in 237.7101(e) and (e)(2), use this clause in all solicitations and contracts for laundry and dry cleaning services when services are for bag type laundry to be provided on a bulk weight basis.

 Alternate I.  As prescribed in 237.7101(e) and (e)(2), use the following clause, which includes paragraphs (c), (d), and (e) not included in the basic clause:


      (a)  The Contractor shall complete delivery tickets in the number of copies required and in the form approved by the Contracting Officer, when it receives the articles to be serviced.

      (b)  The Contractor shall include one copy of each delivery ticket with its invoice for payment.

      (c)  Before the Contractor picks up articles for service under this contract, the Contracting Officer will ensure that—

              (1)  Each bag contains only articles within a single bag type as specified in the schedule; and

              (2)  Each bag is weighed and the weight and bag type are identified on the bag.

      (d)  The Contractor shall, at time of pickup—

              (1)  Verify the weight and bag type and record them on the delivery ticket; and

              (2)  Provide the Contracting Officer, or representative, a copy of the delivery ticket.

      (e)  At the time of delivery, the Contractor shall record the weight and bag type of serviced laundry on the delivery ticket. The Contracting Officer will ensure that this weight and bag type are verified at time of delivery. 

(End of clause)

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