DOE 952.208-7 Tagging of leased vehicles. Basic (Apr 1984) (Current)

As prescribed in 908.1104, the clause at 952.208-7, Tagging of Leased Vehicles, shall be inserted whenever a vehicle(s) is to be leased over 60 days, except for those vehicles exempted by Federal Management Regulation (FMR) 41 CFR 102-34.160, 102-34.175, and 102-34.180.

Tagging of Leased Vehicles (APR 1984)

(a) DOE intends to use U.S. Government license tags.

(b) While it is the intention that vehicles leased hereunder shall operate on Federal tags, the DOE reserves the right to utilize State tags if necessary to accomplish its mission. Should State tags be required, the Contractor shall furnish the DOE the documentation required by the State to acquire such tags.

(End of clause)


Prime’s Interest;
(Applies to contracts when leasing commercial vehicles for periods in excess of 60 days.)

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