DOI 1452.228-73 Liability for Loss or Damage (Property Interest). Basic (Apr 1984) (Current)

As prescribed in 1428.311-2(c), the CO shall insert the clause at 1452.228-73, Liability for Loss or Damage (Property Interest) - Department of the Interior, in solicitations and contracts when a fixed-price contract for use of aircraft is anticipated and where the Government has a property interest in the aircraft and is using a Government-furnished pilot (e.g., a lease with purchase option).

Liability for Loss or Damage (Property Interest) - Department of the Interior (APR 1984)

(a) The Government assumes all risk and liability for damage to or loss of the aircraft for the term of this contract, while the aircraft is in the Government's possession, except for;

    (1) Normal wear and tear to the aircraft, or

    (2) Loss which occurs as a result of negligence or fault in maintenance of the aircraft by the Contractor, or

    (3) Loss resulting from a latent defect in the construction of the aircraft or a component thereof.

(b) In the event of damage to the aircraft, the Government may, at its option, make the necessary repairs with its own facilities, or by contract, or pay the Contractor the reasonable cost of repair of the aircraft. if damage to the aircraft is established to be the fault of the Government, rental payments to the Contractor during the repair period will be made as set forth elsewhere in this contract.

(c) In the event the aircraft is lost, destroyed, or damaged so extensively as to be beyond repair, no rental payment will be made to the Contractor thereafter, but the Government will pay to the Contractor a sum equal to the fair market value of the aircraft just prior to such loss, destruction, or extensive damage, less the salvage value of the aircraft.

(d) The Contractor certifies that the contract price does not include any cost attributable to insurance or to any reserve fund it has established to protect its interests in or use of the aircraft, regardless of whether or not the insurance coverage applies for the period during which the Government has possession of the aircraft. If, in the event of loss or damage to the aircraft, the Contractor receives compensation for such loss or damage, in any form, from any source, the amount of such compensation shall be credited to the Government in determining the amount of the Government's liability under this clause; except that this shall not apply to proceeds of insurance received solely as an advance of insurance pending determination of Government liability, or for an increment of value of the aircraft beyond the value for which the Government is responsible.

(e) In the event of loss or damage, the Government shall be subrogated to all rights of recovery by the Contractor against third parties for such loss or damage and such rights shall be immediately assigned to the Government. Except as the Contracting Officer may permit in writing, the Contractor shall neither release nor discharge any third party from liability for such loss or damage nor otherwise compromise or adversely affect the Government's subrogation or other rights hereunder. The Contractor shall cooperate with the Government in any suit or action undertaken by the Government against any such third party.

(f) Any failure to agree as to the responsibility of the Government or the Contractor under this clause shall, after a final finding and determination by the Contracting Officer, be considered a dispute within the meaning of the Disputes clause of this contract.

(End of clause)


C/R ✖ Time and Materials ✖ Applies where the Government has a property interest in the aircraft and is using a Government-furnished pilot.

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