DOS 652.216-70 Ordering-Indefinite-Delivery Contract. Basic (APR 2004) (Current)

The contracting officer shall insert the clause at 652.216-70, Ordering—Indefinite-Delivery Contract, whenever the clause at FAR 52.216-20, Definite Quantity, or the clause at FAR 52.216-21, Requirements, or the clause at FAR 52.216-22, Indefinite Quantity, is used.

Ordering—Indefinite-Delivery Contracts (APR 2004)

The Government shall use one of the following forms to issue orders under this contract:

(a) The Optional Form 347, Order for Supplies or Services, and Optional Form 348, Order for Supplies or Services Schedule—Continuation; or,

(b) The DS-2076, Purchase Order, Receiving Report and Voucher, and DS-2077, Continuation Sheet.

(End of clause)


Subcontractor ✖ 
⚠ =52.216-20 Basic
⚠ =52.216-21 Basic
⚠ =52.216-22 Basic

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