DOS 652.232-72 Limitation of Funds. Basic (AUG 1999) (Current)

As prescribed in 632.706-70, the contracting officer shall insert the clause at 652.232-72, Limitation of Funds, in incrementally funded fixed-price, labor-hour, and time-and-materials solicitations and contracts for severable services.


(a) Of the total price in Section B (or the “Prices” section), only the amount stated on the contract award document or subsequent modifications is now available for payment and obligated under this contract. It is anticipated that from time to time, additional funds will be obligated under the contract until the total price of the contract is obligated.

(b) The Government is not obligated to pay or reimburse the contractor more than the amount obligated pursuant to this clause. The contractor agrees to perform the contract up to the point at which the total amount paid and payable by the Government (including amounts payable for subcontracts and settlement costs if this contract is terminated for convenience) approximates but does not exceed the total amount obligated.

(c)(1) It is contemplated that funds now obligated under this contract will cover the work to be performed until [contracting officer insert date].

    (2) If the contractor considers the funds obligated under this contract to be insufficient to cover the work to be performed until that date, or another date agreed to by the parties, the contractor shall notify the contracting officer in writing and indicate the date on which it expects expended funds to approximate 75 percent of the total amount obligated. The notice shall state the estimated amount of additional funds required to continue performance through the date specified in paragraph (c)(1) of this clause or another date agreed to by the parties.

    (3) If, after notification is provided pursuant to paragraph (c)(2) of this clause, additional funds are not obligated, or an earlier date than the date in paragraph (c)(1) of this clause is not agreed to, the contractor shall not be obligated to continue performance under this contract (including actions under the termination clause of this contract) beyond the funds obligated for contract performance.

(d) When additional funds are obligated from time to time for continued performance of this contract, the contract shall be modified to increase the funds obligated and to indicate the period of performance for which funds are applicable. The contractor may notify the contracting officer as provided in paragraph (c)(2) of this clause regarding any additional funds obligated.

(e) If the contractor incurs additional costs or is delayed in the performance of work under this contract, solely by reason of the Government’s failure to obligate additional funds in amounts sufficient for the timely performance of this contract, an equitable adjustment may be made to the price, or time of delivery, or both.

(f) This clause shall become inoperative upon obligation of funds sufficient to cover the full price stated in the contract, except for rights and obligations then existing under this clause.

(g) Nothing in this clause shall affect the Government’s right to terminate the contract for convenience or default.

(End of clause)


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