FAR 52.214-22 Evaluation of Bids for Multiple Awards. Basic (Mar 1990) (Current)

As prescribed in 14.201-6(q), insert the provision at 52.214-22, Evaluation of Bids for Multiple Awards, in invitations for bids if the contracting officer determines that multiple awards might be made if doing so is economically advantageous to the government.

Evaluation of Bids for Multiple Awards (Mar 1990)

In addition to other factors, bids will be evaluated on the basis of advantages and disadvantages to the Government that might result from making more than one award (multiple awards). It is assumed, for the purpose of evaluating bids, that $500 would be the administrative cost to the Government for issuing and administering each contract awarded under this solicitation, and individual awards will be for the items or combinations of items that result in the lowest aggregate cost to the Government, including the assumed administrative costs.

(End of provision)


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