FAR 52.215-16 Facilities Capital Cost of Money. Basic (Jun 2003) (Current)

As prescribed in 15.408(h), the contracting officer shall insert the provision at 52.215-16, Facilities Capital Cost of Money, in solicitations expected to result in contracts that are subject to the cost principles for contracts with commercial organizations (see Subpart 31.2).

Facilities Capital Cost of Money (June 2003)

(a) Facilities capital cost of money will be an allowable cost under the contemplated contract, if the criteria for allowability in FAR 31.205-10(b) are met. One of the allowability criteria requires the prospective Contractor to propose facilities capital cost of money in its offer.

(b) If the prospective Contractor does not propose this cost, the resulting contract will include the clause Waiver of Facilities Capital Cost of Money.

(End of provision)


Prime’s Interest;
(Applies to contracts subject to the Cost Principles and the prospective Contractor proposed facilities capital cost of money in its offer.)
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