FAR 52.215-6 Place of Performance. Basic (Oct 1997) (Current)

As prescribed in 15.209(f), the contracting officer shall insert the provision at 52.215-6, Place of Performance, in solicitations unless the place of performance is specified by the Government.

Place of Performance (Oct 1997)

(a) The offeror or respondent, in the performance of any contract resulting from this solicitation,o intends, o does not intend [check applicable block] to use one or more plants or facilities located at a different address from the address of the offeror or respondent as indicated in this proposal or response to request for information.

(b) If the offeror or respondent checks “intends” in paragraph (a) of this provision, it shall insert in the following spaces the required information:

Place of Performance (Street Address, City, State, County, ZIP Code) Name and Address of Owner and Operator of the Plant or Facility if Other than Offeror or Respondent
____________________ _______________________
____________________ _______________________

(End of provision)


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