FAR 52.216-28 Multiple Awards for Advisory and Assistance Services. Basic (Oct 1995) (Current)

As prescribed in 16.506(g), insert the provision at 52.216-28, Multiple Awards for Advisory and Assistance Services, in solicitations for task-order contracts for advisory and assistance services that exceed 3 years and $13.5 million (including all options), unless a determination has been made under 16.504(c)(2)(i)(A). Modify the provision to specify the estimated number of awards.

Multiple Awards for Advisory and Assistance Services (Oct 1995)

The Government intends to award multiple contracts for the same or similar advisory and assistance services to two or more sources under this solicitation unless the Government determines, after evaluation of offers, that only one offeror is capable of providing the services at the level of quality required.

(End of provision


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