FAR 52.217-9 Option to Extend the Term of the Contract. Basic (Mar 2000) (Current)

As prescribed in 17.208(g), insert a clause substantially the same as the clause at 52.217-9, Option to Extend the Term of the Contract, in solicitations and contracts when the inclusion of an option is appropriate (see 17.200 and 17.202) and it is necessary to include in the contract any or all of the following: (1) A requirement that the Government must give the contractor a preliminary written notice of its intent to extend the contract. (2) A statement that an extension of the contract includes an extension of the option. (3) A specified limitation on the total duration of the contract.

Option to Extend the Term of the Contract (Mar 2000)

(a) The Government may extend the term of this contract by written notice to the Contractor within _____ [insert the period of time within which the Contracting Officer may exercise the option]; provided that the Government gives the Contractor a preliminary written notice of its intent to extend at least _____ days [60 days unless a different number of days is inserted] before the contract expires. The preliminary notice does not commit the Government to an extension.

(b) If the Government exercises this option, the extended contract shall be considered to include this option clause.

(c) The total duration of this contract, including the exercise of any options under this clause, shall not exceed ___________ (months) (years).

(End of clause)


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