FAR 52.230-7 Proposal Disclosure-Cost Accounting Practice Changes. Basic (Apr 2005) (Current)

As prescribed in 30.201-3(c), insert the provision at FAR 52.230-7, Proposal Disclosure—Cost Accounting Practice Changes, in solicitations for contracts subject to CAS as specified in 48 CFR 9903.201 (FAR Appendix).

Proposal Disclosure—Cost Accounting Practice Changes (Apr 2005)

The offeror shall check “yes” below if the contract award will result in a required or unilateral change in cost accounting practice, including unilateral changes requested to be desirable changes.


o Yes

o No

If the offeror checked “Yes” above, the offeror shall—

    (1) Prepare the price proposal in response to the solicitation using the changed practice for the period of performance for which the practice will be used; and

    (2) Submit a description of the changed cost accounting practice to the Contracting Officer and the Cognizant Federal Agency Official as pricing support for the proposal.

(End of provision)


Small business ✖ Contracts ✖ (Applies to contracts subject to CAS.);

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