FAR 52.241-12 Nonrefundable, Nonrecurring Service Charge. Basic (Feb 1995) (Current)

As prescribed in 41.501(d)(6), the contracting officer shall insert clauses substantially the same as the clauses listed below in solicitations and contracts under the prescribed conditions—52.241-12, Nonrefundable, Nonrecurring Service Charge, when the Government is required to pay a nonrefundable, nonrecurring membership fee, a charge for initiation of service, or a contribution for the cost of facilities construction. The Government may provide for inclusion of such agreed amount or fee as a part of the connection charge, a part of the initial payment for services, or as periodic payments to fulfill the Government’s obligation.

Nonrefundable, Nonrecurring Service Charge (Feb 1995)

As provided herein, the Government will pay a nonrefundable, nonrecurring charge when the rules and regulations of a Contractor require that a customer pay (1) a charge for the initiation of service, (2) a contribution in aid of construction, or (3) a nonrefundable membership fee. This charge may be in addition to or in lieu of a connection charge. Therefore, there is hereby added to the Contractor’s schedule a nonrefundable, nonrecurring charge for ___________ in the amount of $________ dollars payable [specify dates or schedules].

(End of clause)


Services ✖ Supplies ✖ Subcontractor ✖ Utility ✔ Construction ✖ Architect-Eng ✖ (Applies to utility services);

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