FAR 52.241-1 Electric Service Territory Compliance Representation. Basic (May 1999) (Current)

As prescribed in 41.501(b), the contracting officer shall insert in solicitations for utility services a provision substantially the same as the provision at 52.241-1, Electric Service Territory Compliance Representation, when proposals from alternative electric suppliers are sought.

Electric Service Territory Compliance Representation (May 1999)

(a) Section 8093 of Public Law 100-202 generally requires purchases of electricity by any department, agency, or instrumentality of the United States to be consistent with State law governing the provision of electric utility service, including State utility commission rulings and electric utility franchises or service territories established pursuant to State statute, State regulation, or State-approved territorial agreements.

(b) By signing this offer, the offeror represents that this offer to sell electricity is consistent with Section 8093 of Public Law 100-202.

(c) Upon request of the Contracting Officer, the offeror shall submit supporting legal and factual rationale for this representation.

(End of provision)


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