FAR 52.241-3 Scope and Duration of Contract. Basic (Feb 1995) (Current)

As prescribed in 41.501(c)(2), the contracting officer shall insert in solicitations and contracts for utility services clauses substantially the same.

Scope and Duration of Contract (Feb 1995)

(a) For the period _______________________, [insert period of service] the Contractor agrees to furnish and the Government agrees to purchase _____________________ [insert type of service] utility service in accordance with the applicable tariff(s), rules, and regulations as approved by the applicable governing regulatory body and as set forth in the contract.

(b) It is expressly understood that neither the Contractor nor the Government is under any obligation to continue any service under the terms and conditions of this contract beyond the expiration date.

(c) The Contractor shall provide the Government with one complete set of rates, terms, and conditions of service which are in effect as of the date of this contract and any subsequently approved rates.

(d) The Contractor shall be paid at the applicable rate(s) under the tariff and the Government shall be liable for the minimum monthly charge, if any, specified in this contract commencing with the period in which service is initially furnished and continuing for the term of this contract. Any minimum monthly charge specified in this contract shall be equitably prorated for the periods in which commencement and termination of this contract become effective.

(End of clause)


Subcontractor ✖ Utility ✔ (Applies to utility services.);

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