FAR 52.242-4 Certification of Final Indirect Costs. Basic (Jan 1997) (Current)

As prescribed in 42.703-2(f),

(1) Except as provided in paragraph (f)(2) of this subsection, the clause at 52.242-4, Certification of Final Indirect Costs, shall be incorporated into all solicitations and contracts which provide for establishment of final indirect cost rates.

(2) The Department of Energy may provide an alternate clause in its agency supplement for its Management and Operating contracts.

Certification of Final Indirect Costs (Jan 1997)

(a) The Contractor shall—

    (1) Certify any proposal to establish or modify final indirect cost rates;

    (2) Use the format in paragraph (c) of this clause to certify; and

    (3) Have the certificate signed by an individual of the Contractor’s organization at a level no lower than a vice president or chief financial officer of the business segment of the Contractor that submits the proposal.

(b) Failure by the Contractor to submit a signed certificate, as described in this clause, may result in final indirect costs at rates unilaterally established by the Contracting Officer.

(c) The certificate of final indirect costs shall read as follows:

Certificate of Final Indirect Costs

This is to certify that I have reviewed this proposal to establish final indirect cost rates and to the best of my knowledge and belief:

    1. All costs included in this proposal (identify proposal and date) to establish final indirect cost rates for (identify period covered by rate) are allowable in accordance with the cost principles of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and its supplements applicable to the contracts to which the final indirect cost rates will apply; and

    2. This proposal does not include any costs which are expressly unallowable under applicable cost principles of the FAR or its supplements.

Firm: _________________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________

Name of Certifying Official: ______________________

Title: _________________________________________

Date of Execution: ______________________________

(End of clause)


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