FAR 52.247-67 Submission of Transportation Documents for Audit. Basic (Feb 2006) (Current)

As prescribed in 47.103-2, complete and insert the clause at 52.247-67, Submission of Transportation Documents for Audit, in solicitations and contracts when a cost-reimbursement contract is contemplated and the contract or a first-tier cost-reimbursement subcontract thereunder will authorize reimbursement of transportation as a direct charge to the contract or subcontract.

Submission of Transportation Documents for Audit (Feb 2006)

(a) The Contractor shall submit to the address identified below, for prepayment audit, transportation documents on which the United States will assume freight charges that were paid—

    (1) By the Contractor under a cost-reimbursement contract; and

    (2) By a first-tier subcontractor under a cost-reimbursement subcontract thereunder.

(b) Cost-reimbursement Contractors shall only submit for audit those bills of lading with freight shipment charges exceeding $100. Bills under $100 shall be retained on-site by the Contractor and made available for on-site audits. This exception only applies to freight shipment bills and is not intended to apply to bills and invoices for any other transportation services.

(c) Contractors shall submit the above referenced transportation documents to—


[To be filled in by Contracting Officer]

(End of clause)


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