GSA 552.236-78 Shop Drawings, Coordination Drawings, and Schedules. Basic (Sep 1999) (Current)

As prescribed in 536.570-9, insert the clause at 552.236-78, Shop Drawings, Coordination Drawings, and Schedules, in solicitations and contracts if construction is contemplated and the contract amount is expected to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold.

Shop Drawings, Coordination Drawings, and Schedules (Sep 1999)

The requirements, of the clause entitled “Specifications and Drawings for Construction” at FAR 52.236-21, are supplemented as follows:

(a) The Contractor shall submit shop drawings, coordination drawings, and schedules for approval as required by the specifications or requested by the Contracting Officer as follows:

(b) Shop drawings shall include fabrication, erection and setting drawings, schedule drawings, manufacturers’ scale drawings, wiring and control diagrams, cuts or entire catalogs, pamphlets, descriptive literature, and performance and test data.

(c) Drawings and schedules, other than catalogs, pamphlets and similar printed material, shall be submitted in reproducible form with two prints made by a process approved by the Contracting Officer. Upon approval, the reproducible form will be returned to the Contractor who shall then furnish the number of additional prints, not to exceed 10, required by the specifications. The Contractor shall submit shop drawings in catalog, pamphlet and similar printed form in a minimum of four copies plus as many additional copies as the Contractor may desire or need for his use or use by subcontractors.

(d) Before submitting shop drawings on the mechanical and electrical work, the Contractor shall submit and obtain the Contracting Officer’s approval of such lists of mechanical and electrical equipment and materials as may be required by the specifications.

(e) Each shop drawing or coordination drawing shall have a blank area 5 by 5 inches, located adjacent to the title block. The title block shall display the following:

Number and title of drawing

Date of drawing or revision

Name of project building or facility

Name of Contractor and (if appropriate) name of subcontractor submitting drawing

Clear identity of contents and location on the work

Project title and contract number

(f) Unless otherwise provided in this contract, or otherwise directed by the Contracting Officer, shop drawings, coordination drawings and schedules shall be submitted to the Contracting Officer, with a letter in triplicate, sufficiently in advance of construction requirements to permit no less than 10 working days for checking and appropriate action.

(g) Approval of drawings and schedules will be general and shall not be construed as permitting any departure from the contract requirements, or as approving departures from full-size details furnished by the Contracting Officer.

(End of clause)


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