HSAR 3052.217-90 Delivery and Shifting of Vessel (USCG). Basic (Dec 2003) (Current)

As prescribed in the USCG guidance at (HSAR) 48 CFR 3017.9000(a) and (b), Contracting officer shall insert this clause in sealed bid fixed-price solicitations and contracts for vessel repair, alteration, or conversion which are to be performed within the United States, its possessions, or Puerto Rico. It may be included in negotiated solicitations and contracts to be performed outside the United States.


The Government shall deliver the vessel to the Contractor at his place of business. Upon completion of the work, the Government shall accept delivery of the vessel at the Contractor's place of business. The Contractor shall provide, at no additional charge, upon 24 hours' advance notice, a tug or tugs and docking pilot, acceptable to the Contracting Officer, to assist in handling the vessel between (to and from) the Contractor's plant and the nearest point in a waterway regularly navigated by vessels of equal or greater draft and length. While the vessel is in the hands of the Contractor, any necessary towage, cartage, or other transportation between ship and shop or elsewhere, which may be incident to the work herein specified, shall be furnished by the Contractor without additional charge to the Government.

(End of clause)


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