NASA 1852.232-81 Contract Funding. Basic (JUN 1990) (Current)

As prescribed in 1832.705-270(b), the contracting officer shall insert a clause substantially as stated at 1852.232-81, Contract Funding, in Section B of solicitations and contracts containing the clause at FAR 52.232-22 Limitation of Funds. Insert the amounts of funds available for payment, the items covered, and the applicable period of performance. The amount obligated for fee in paragraph (b) of the clause should always be sufficient to pay fee anticipated to be earned for the work funded by the amount in paragraph (a) of the clause.


(a) For purposes of payment of cost, exclusive of fee, in accordance with the Limitation of Funds clause, the total amount allotted by the Government to this contract is $ . This allotment is for [Insert applicable item number(s), task(s), or work description] and covers the following estimated period of performance: .

(b) An additional amount of $ is obligated under this contract for payment of fee.

(End of clause)

Subcontractor ✖ 
⚠ =52.232-22 Basic

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