NASA 1852.235-74 Additional Reports of Work-Research and Development. Basic (FEB 2003) (Current)

As prescribed in 1835.070(e), the contracting officer shall insert a clause substantially the same as the clause at 1852.235-74, Additional Reports of Work – Research and Development, in all research and development contracts, and in interagency agreements and cost-reimbursement supply contracts involving research and development work, when periodic reports, such as monthly or quarterly reports, or reports on the completion of significant units or phases of work are required for monitoring contract performance. The clause should be modified to reflect the reporting requirements of the contract and to indicate the timeframe for submission of the final report.

Additional Reports of Work -- RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (FEB 2003)

In addition to the final report required under this contract, the Contractor shall submit the following report(s) to the Contracting Officer:

(a) Monthly progress reports. The Contractor shall submit separate monthly reports of all work accomplished during each month of contract performance. Reports shall be in narrative form, brief, and informal. They shall include a quantitative description of progress, an indication of any current problems that may impede performance, proposed corrective action, and a discussion of the work to be performed during the next monthly reporting period

(b) Quarterly progress reports. The Contractor shall submit separate quarterly reports of all work accomplished during each three-month period of contract performance. In addition to factual data, these reports should include a separate analysis section interpreting the results obtained, recommending further action, and relating occurrences to the ultimate objectives of the contract. Sufficient diagrams, sketches, curves, photographs, and drawings should be included to convey the intended meaning.

(c) Submission dates. Monthly and quarterly reports shall be submitted by the 15th day of the month following the month or quarter being reported. If the contract is awarded beyond the middle of a month, the first monthly report shall cover the period from award until the end of the following month. No monthly report need be submitted for the third month of contract effort for which a quarterly report is required. No quarterly report need be submitted for the final three months of contract effort since that period will be covered in the final report. The final report shall be submitted within ____days after the completion of the effort under the contract.

(End of clause)

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