NAVY 5252.201-9201 Designation of Contracting Officer's Representative Basic (Mar 2006) (Current)

This clause has not been authorized for official release. We recommend deferring to the text of the clause in your RFP or contract. 

(a) (COR) for this contract/order:


Name: *
Code: *
Address: *
Phone Number: *
E-mail: *

*To be assigned in individual task orders.

(b) It is emphasized that only the Contracting Officer has the authority to modify the terms of the contract, therefore, in no event will any understanding agreement, modification, change order, or other matter deviating from the terms of the basic contract between the Contractor and any other person be effective or binding on the Government. When/If, in the opinion of the Contractor, an effort outside the existing scope of the contract is requested, the Contractor shall promptly notify the PCO in writing. No action shall be taken by the Contractor unless the Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) or the Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) has issued a contractual change.
*Contracting Officer Representatives will be assigned in each individual task order.

(End of clause)


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