NAVY 5252.204-9505 System Authorization Access Request Navy (SAAR-N) Requirements for Information Technology (IT)(NAVAIR) (Sep 2012) Basic (Nov 2017) (Current)

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(a) Contractor personnel assigned to perform work under this contract may require access to Navy Information Technology (IT) resources (e.g., computers, laptops, personal electronic devices/personal digital assistants (PEDs/PDAs), NMCI, RDT&E networks, websites such as MyNAVAIR, and Navy Web servers requiring Common Access Card (CAC) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)). Contractor personnel (prime, subcontractor, consultants, and temporary employees) requiring access to Navy IT resources (including those personnel who previously signed SAAR DD Form 2875) shall submit a completed System Authorization Access Request Navy (SAAR-N), OPNAV 5239/14 (Jul 2008) form or latest version thereof, and have initiated the requisite background investigation (or provide proof of a current background investigation) prior to accessing any Navy IT resources. The form and instructions for processing the SAAR-N form are available at: Instruction Note: SAAR-N forms are required to be downloaded and then completed. The "E-MAIL SUBMIT" button on the SAAR-N form is not to be used.

(b) SAAR-N forms will be submitted to the Government Sponsor or Technical Point of Contact (TPOC) via the contractor's Facility Security Officer (FSO). The designated SAAR-N Government Sponsor or TPCO for contractor employees requiring IT access, [fill-in name] shall be responsible for signing and processing the SAAR-N forms. For those contractors that do not have a FSO, SAAR-N forms shall be submitted directly to the designated SAAR-N Government Sponsor or TPOC. Copies of the approved SAAR-N forms may be obtained through the designated SAAR-N Government Sponsor or TPOC. Requests for access should be routed through the [email protected] mailbox.

(c) In order to maintain access to Navy IT resources, the contractor shall ensure completion of initial and annual IA training, monitor expiration of requisite background investigations, and initiate re-investigations as required. If requested, the contractor shall provide to the designated SAAR-N Government Sponsor or TPOC documentation sufficient to prove that it is monitoring/tracking the SAAR-N requirements for its employees who are accessing Navy IT resources. For those contractor personnel not in compliance with the requirements of this clause, access to Navy IT resources will be denied/revoked.

(d) The SAAR-N form remains valid throughout contractual performance, inclusive of performance extensions and option exercises where the contract number does not change. Contractor personnel are required to submit a new SAAR-N form only when they begin work on a new or different contract.


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