NAVY 5252.211-9510 Contractor Employees (NAVAIR)(May 2011) Basic (May 2011) (Current)

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(a) In all situations where contractor personnel status is not obvious, all contractor personnel are required to identify themselves to avoid creating an impression to the public, agency officials, or Congress that such contractor personnel are Government officials. This can occur during meeting attendance, through written (letter or email) correspondence or verbal discussions (in person or telephonic), when making presentations, or in other situations where their contractor status is not obvious to third parties.

This list is not exhaustive. Therefore, the contractor employee(s) shall:

    (1) Not by word or deed give the impression or appearance of being a Government employee;

    (2) Wear appropriate badges visible above the waist that identify them as contractor employees when in Government spaces, at a Government-sponsored event, or an event outside normal work spaces in support of the contract/order;

    (3) Clearly identify themselves as contractor employees in telephone conversations and in all formal and informal written and electronic correspondence. Identification shall include the name of the company for whom they work;

    (4) Identify themselves by name, their company name, if they are a subcontractor the name of the prime contractor their company is supporting, as well as the Government office they are supporting when participating in meetings, conferences, and other interactions in which all parties are not in daily contact with the individual contractor employee; and

    (5) Be able to provide, when asked, the full number of the contract/order under which they are performing, and the name of the Contracting Officer’s Representative.

(b) If wearing a badge is a risk to safety and/or security, then an alternative means of identification maybe utilized if endorsed by the Contracting Officer’s Representative and approved by the Contracting Officer.

(c) The Contracting Officer will make final determination of compliance with regulations with regard to proper identification of contractor employees.

(End of clause)


Prime’s Interest;

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