NAVY 5252.232-9206 Segregation of Costs Basic (Dec 2003) (Current)

This clause has not been authorized for official release. We recommend deferring to the text of the clause in your RFP or contract. 

(a) The Contractor agrees to segregate costs incurred under this task order at the lowest level of performance, either task or subtask, rather than on a total task order basis, and to submit invoices reflecting  costs incurred at that level. Invoices shall contain summaries of work charged during the period covered, as well as overall cumulative summaries by labor category for all work invoiced to date, by line item, task, or subtask.

(b) Where multiple lines of accounting are present, the ACRN preceding the accounting citation will be found in Section G, Accounting  Data. Payment of Contractor invoices shall be accomplished only by charging the ACRN that corresponds to the work invoiced.

(c) Except when payment requests are submitted electronically as specified in the clause at DFARS 252.232-7003, Electron Submission  of Payment Requests,  one copy of each invoice  or voucher will be provided, at the time of submission to DCAA

    (1) to the Contracting Officer's Representative  or the Technical Representative of the Contracting Officer and 

    (2) to the Procuring Contracting Officer.


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