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(a) A requirement of this contract is to maintain stability of personnel proposed in order to provide quality services. The contractor agrees to assign only those key personnel whose resumes were submitted and approved, and who are necessary to fulfill the requirements of the effort. The contractor agrees to assign to any effort requiring non-key personnel only personnel who meet or exceed the applicable labor category descriptions. No substitution or addition of personnel shall be made except in accordance with this clause.

(b) If personnel for whatever reason become unavailable for work under the contract for a continuous period exceeding thirty (30) working days, or are expected to devote substantially less effort to the work than indicated in the proposal, the contractor shall propose a substitution to such personnel, in accordance with paragraph (d) below.

(c) The contractor agrees that [during the term of the contract], no key personnel substitutions or additions will be made unless necessitated by compelling reasons including, but not limited to: an individual’s illness, death, termination of employment, declining an offer of employment (for those individuals proposed as contingent hires), or family friendly leave. In such an event, the contractor must promptly provide the information required by paragraph (d) below to the Contracting Officer for approval prior to the substitution or addition of key personnel.

(d) All proposed substitutions shall be submitted, in writing, to the Contracting Officer at least fifteen (15) days (thirty (30) days if a security clearance must be obtained) prior to the proposed substitution. Each request shall provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances necessitating the proposed substitution, a complete resume for the proposed substitute, information regarding the full financial impact of the change, and any other information required by the Contracting Officer to approve or disapprove the proposed substitution. All proposed substitutes (no matter when they are proposed during the performance period) shall have qualifications that are equal to or higher than the qualifications of the person being replaced.

(e) In the event a requirement to increase the specified level of effort for a designated labor category, but not the overall level of effort of the contract occurs, the offeror shall submit to the Contracting Officer a written request for approval to add personnel to the designated labor category. The information required is the same as that required in paragraph (d) above. The additional personnel shall have qualifications greater than or equal to at least one (1) of the individuals proposed for the designated labor category

(f) The Contracting Officer shall evaluate requests for substitution and addition of personnel and promptly notify the offeror, in writing, of whether the request is approved or disapproved.

(g) If the Contracting Officer determines that suitable and timely replacement of personnel who have been reassigned, terminated or have otherwise become unavailable to perform under the contract is not reasonably forthcoming or that the resultant reduction of productive effort would impair the successful completion of the contract or the task order, the contract may be terminated by the Contracting Officer for default or for the convenience of the Government, as appropriate. Alternatively, at the Contracting Officer’s discretion, if the Contracting Officer finds the contractor to be at fault for the condition, he may equitably adjust (downward) the contract price or fixed fee to compensate the Government for any delay, loss or damage as a result of the contractor’s action.

(h) Noncompliance with the provisions of this clause will be considered a material breach of the terms and conditions of the contract for which the Government may seek any and all appropriate remedies including Termination for Default pursuant to FAR Clause 52.249-6, Alt IV, “Termination (Cost-Reimbursement)”.


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