NAVY 5252.242-9511 CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION DATA (NAVAIR) Basic (NOV 2017) (Current)

This clause has not been authorized for official release. We recommend deferring to the text of the clause in your RFP or contract.

(a) Contract Administration Office.

(1) Contract administration functions (see FAR 42.302(a) and DFARS 242.302(a)) are assigned to: See the ADMINISTERED BY Block on the face page of the contract, modification, or order.

(b) Special Instructions (see FAR 42.202(b) and (c)):

(1) The following contract administration functions are retained (see FAR 42.302(a) and DFARS 242.302(a)):

Functions Retained Retained for Performance By:

(2) The following additional contract administration functions are assigned (see FAR 42.302(b)):

Additional Functions Retained for Performance By:

(c) Inquiries regarding payment should be referred to: MyInvoice through the Wide Area Workflow eBusiness Suite:

(End of clause)


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