FAR 52.228-13 Alternative Payment Protections. Basic (Jul 2000) (Current)

As prescribed in 28.102-3(b), insert the clause at 52.228-13, Alternative Payment Protections, in solicitations and contracts for construction, when the estimated or actual value exceeds $35,000 but does not exceed $150,000. Complete the clause by specifying the payment protections selected (see 28.102-1(b)(1)) and the deadline for submission. The contracting officer may revise paragraph (b) of the clause to establish a lower percentage in accordance with 28.102-2(c).

Alternative Payment Protections (July 2000)

    (a) The Contractor shall submit one of the following payment protections:


    (b) The amount of the payment protection shall be 100 percent of the contract price.

    (c) The submission of the payment protection is required within _________ days of contract award.

    (d) The payment protection shall provide protection for the full contract performance period plus a one-year period.

    (e) Except for escrow agreements and payment bonds, which provide their own protection procedures, the Contracting Officer is authorized to access funds under the payment protection when it has been alleged in writing by a supplier of labor or material that a nonpayment has occurred, and to withhold such funds pending resolution by administrative or judicial proceedings or mutual agreement of the parties.

    (f) When a tripartite escrow agreement is used, the Contractor shall utilize only suppliers of labor and material that signed the escrow agreement.

(End of clause)


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