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    (a) In accordance with FAR 9.507-1, the potential conflict of interest for this solicitation in the Contracting Officer's judgment would involve any prime contractor, subcontractor, co-sponsor, parties to a joint venture, consultant or other legal entity (1) who because of activities or relationships is unable to render impartial assistance or advice to the Government, or (2) whose objectivity in performing the contemplated contract work is or might otherwise be impaired, or (3) who has an unfair competitive advantage in regards to [Insert description of weapons system involved and contractor activities that are suspect, i.e., drafting specifications, planning requirements etc.].

    (b) This solicitation contains special provision clause in Section H entitled, "Organizational Conflicts of Interest", which is to appear in the awarded contract.

    (c) If the offeror has checked Block one of the NAVAIR 5252.209-9511, "Conflicts of Interest Representation" in Section K, indicating a potential conflict exists, the offeror shall in accordance with the 5252.209-9510, "Organizational Conflict of Interest" clause in Section H, disclose any and all information necessary to ascertain whether an organizational conflict of interest does exist, and if so, whether a waiver should be requested.

    (d) The offeror shall take all reasonable steps to obtain documentation of organizational conflicts of interest, and shall cooperate fully with the Government in resolving such issues expeditiously.

    (e) Along with responses to this solicitation, offerors must either (1) submit the following information concerning any existing or planned contracts with, or interests in, the suppliers and/or equipment identified in Attachment [Insert attachment number]; or (2) state that to the best of the offeror's knowledge no such interest or contract exists:

        (1) a description of the conflict of interest (e.g., weapons systems supplier(s), corporate restructuring, first-tier subcontractor(s)) and identity of parties involved;

        (2) a description of the work to be performed;

        (3) the dollar amount;

        (4) the period of performance; and

        (5) a description of the contractor's internal controls and planned actions, to avoid any potential organizational conflict of interest.

    (f) Documentation referred to above may be submitted in advance of proposal submission but must be submitted no later than the closing date for receipt of offers.

    (g) Disclosure of Potential Conflict of Interest by Offerors.

        (1) The offeror agrees to disclose, in writing and prior to the closing date for receipt of offers, any relevant facts pertaining to work previously performed or presently being performed by the offeror under private and Government contracts wherein the subject matter includes systems, components, technology, or services identical or similar to that encompassed by the proposed contract and which might give rise to the appearance of an organizational conflict of interest. Such disclosure should set forth all relevant facts including identification of contracts under which work was or is being performed.

        (2) If any of the contracts identified pursuant to subparagraph (g)(1) contain an Organizational Conflict of Interest Provision, the offeror may request a waiver of that provision and propose contractual safeguards or job procedures to mitigate conflicting roles that might produce an Organizational Conflict of Interest.

        (3) Any documentation submitted pursuant to this subparagraph shall identify this procurement by IFB/RFP or other appropriate number as a reference and shall be forwarded to:




    (h) The Contracting Officer will determine whether such interests or contracts present potential organizational conflicts of interest that should preclude award to the offeror.


Prime’s Interest;

52.203-16 Preventing Personal Conflicts of Interest.

252.209-7006 Limitations on Contractors Acting as Lead System Integrators.

252.209-7007 Prohibited Financial Interests for Lead System Integrators.

252.209-7008 Notice of Prohibition Relating to Organizational Conflict of Interest-Major Defense Acquisition Program.

252.209-7009 Organizational Conflict of Interest-Major Defense Acquisition Program.

1852.209-71 Limitation of Future Contracting.

1852.237-72 Access to Sensitive Information.



5252.209-9201 Organizational Conflict of Interest (Systems Engineering)

5252.209-9202 Organizational Conflict of Interest (Specification Preparation)

5252.209-9203 Organizational Conflict of Interest (Access To Proprietary Information)

5252.209-9205 Organizational Conflict of Interest

5252.209-9206 Employment of Navy Personnel Restricted

5252.227-9207 Limited Release of Contractor Confidential Business Information

5252.237-9603 Required Information Assurance and Personnel Security Requirements for Accessing Government Information Systems and Nonpublic Information


3052.209-72 Organizational Conflict of Interest.

3052.209-73 Limitation of future contracting.

3052.209-74 Limitations on Contractors Acting as Lead System Integrators

3052.209-75 Prohibited Financial Interests for Lead System Integrators

5352.209-9000 Organizational Conflict of Interest

5352.209-9001 Potential Organizational Conflict of Interest

752.209-71 Organizational conflicts of interest discovered after award.

952.209-8 Organizational conflicts of interest-disclosure.

952.209-72 Organizational conflicts of interest.

1352.209-70 Potential organizational conflict of interest.

1352.209-71 Limitation of future contracting.

1352.209-74 Organizational conflict of interest.

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