Army 5152.229-4015 TAX EXEMPTION, POL PRODUCTS, REPUBLIC OF KOREA Basic (Undated) (Current)

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(a) This clause is in implementation of Article XVI of the Status of Forces Agreement between the Republic of Korea and the United States of America, granting Contractors exemption from Republic of Korea taxes for petroleum products (POL) utilized on USFK acquisitions in the Republic of Korea.

At the time this contract is awarded, the Contractor shall make a final nomination in writing of its point of purchase for POL products to be used on this contract. If the Contractor intends to purchase directly from an oil company refinery, it may nominate any of the three ROK oil companies below which have agreed to sell to Contractor FOB refinery at the SET-exempt price.

List of Oil Companies and their Respective Tax Offices

(1) Hyundai Oil Refinery Co., Ltd.:
Dong-Inchon District Tax Office
 ATTN: POL Tax Administrator Inchon City, Korea

(2) SK Corporation:
Ulsan District Tax Office
ATTN: POL Tax Administrator Ulsan City, Kyongsan Nam Do, Korea

(3) LG Caltex Company:
Yosu District Tax Office
ATTN: POL Tax Administrator Yosu City, Chonla Nam Do, Korea

(b) If the contractor instead intends to purchase its POL products from an individual gasoline station, the Contracting Officer will advise the contractor as to which individual gasoline stations will sell to it at the SETexempt price. The contractor shall specify from which of those stations it will purchase. In addition to specifying the oil company/gas station, the Contractor shall state the estimated quantity and the amount of POL to be purchased from each refinery/gas station. The USFK Contracting Officer will verify the reasonableness of the amounts of POL products claimed for use on the contract and, based on this verification, the USFK Responsible Officer will issue USFK POL Tax Exemption Coupons. If the Contractor wishes to purchase from an individual gas station, it will be required to make advance payment for the amount of POL covered by the coupons. Advance payment will be at the SET-exempt price and will be made to the gas station(s) previously nominated. Representatives from the nominated gas station(s) shall be present at the issuing session. They will collect the advance payments, mark “paid” on the back of the original copy of the coupons issued, and provide the purchasing Contractor with tax invoices to be used by the Contractor to obtain SET refund from its governing ROK District Tax Office. All coupons for construction contracts will be issued at the time of award. Coupons for requirements-type contracts will be issued on a delivery order increment basis or on a monthly basis. Pre-selected oil company refineries will sell their POL products at the SET-exempted prices upon presentation of the coupons. Individual gas stations, which have previously collected POL payment in advance will accept the pre-paid USFK POL Tax Exemption Coupons from contractors and will provide the POL amounts reflected on tendered coupons without any further charge.


Prime’s Interest;
Domestic ✖ 

52.204-3 Taxpayer Identification.

52.209-11 Representation by Corporations Regarding Delinquent Tax Liability or a Felony Conviction under any Federal Law.

52.209-12 Certification Regarding Tax Matters.

52.209-5 Certification Regarding Responsibility Matters.

52.212-3 Offeror Representations and Certifications—Commercial Products and Commercial Services.

52.228-11 Individual Surety—Pledge of Assets.

52.229-1 State and Local Taxes.

52.229-10 State of New Mexico Gross Receipts and Compensating Tax.

52.229-2 North Carolina State and Local Sales and Use Tax.

52.229-3 Federal, State, and Local Taxes.

52.229-4 Federal, State, and Local Taxes (State and Local Adjustments).

52.229-6 Taxes-Foreign Fixed-Price Contracts.

52.229-7 Taxes-Fixed-Price Contracts with Foreign Governments.

52.229-8 Taxes-Foreign Cost-Reimbursement Contracts.

52.229-9 Taxes-Cost-Reimbursement Contracts with Foreign Governments.

52.241-5 Contractor’s Facilities.

52.241-9 Connection Charge.

52.229-11 Tax on Certain Foreign Procurements—Notice and Representation.

52.229-12 Tax on Certain Foreign Procurements—Notice and Representation

52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions—Commercial Products and Commercial Services.

52.229-13 Taxes—Foreign Contracts in Afghanistan.

52.229-14 Taxes—Foreign Contracts in Afghanistan (North Atlantic Treaty Organization Status of Forces Agreement).

252.219-7012 Competition for Religious-Related Services.

252.225-7032 Waiver of United Kingdom Levies-Evaluation of Offers.

252.228-7006 Compliance with Spanish Laws and Insurance.

252.229-7001 Tax Relief.

252.229-7002 Customs Exemptions (Germany).

252.229-7003 Tax Exemptions (Italy).

252.229-7004 Status of Contractor as a Direct Contractor (Spain).

252.229-7005 Tax Exemptions (Spain).

252.229-7006 Value Added Tax Exclusion (United Kingdom)

252.229-7008 Relief from Import Duty (United Kingdom).

252.229-7009 Relief from Customs Duty and Value Added Tax on Fuel (Passenger Vehicles) (United Kingdom).

252.229-7010 Relief from Customs Duty on Fuel (United Kingdom).

252.229-7011 Reporting of Foreign Taxes – U.S. Assistance Programs.

252.229-7012 Tax Exemptions (Italy)-Representation.

252.229-7013 Tax Exemptions (Spain)-Representation.

252.229-7014 Taxes-Foreign Contracts in Afghanistan.

252.229-7015 Taxes-Foreign Contracts in Afghanistan (North Atlantic Treaty Organization Status of Forces Agreement).

252.232-7010 Levies on Contract Payments.

252.236-7010 Overseas Military Construction--Preference for United States Firms.

252.236-7011 Overseas Architect-Engineer Services--Restriction to United States Firms.

252.236-7012 Military Construction on Kwajalein Atoll--Evaluation Preference.



5152.225-5914 Commodity Shipping Instructions

552.238-101 Foreign Taxes and Duties.

552.229-70 Federal, State, and Local Taxes.

552.229-71 Federal Excise Tax—DC Government.

652.229-70 Excise Tax Exemption Statement for Contractors Within the United States.

652.229-71 Personal Property Disposition at Posts Abroad.

752.229-70 Federal, state and local taxes.

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