FAR 52.241-9 Connection Charge. Basic (Feb 1995) (Current)

As prescribed in 41.501(d)(3), the contracting officer shall insert the clause 52.241-9, Connection Charge, when a refundable connection charge is required to be paid by the Government to compensate the contractor for furnishing additional facilities necessary to supply service. (Use Alternate I to the clause if a nonrefundable charge is to be paid. When conditions require the incorporation of a nonrecurring, nonrefundable service charge or a termination liability, see paragraphs (d)(6) and (d)(4) of this section).

Connection Charge (Feb 1995)

(a) Charge. In consideration of the Contractor furnishing and installing at its expense the new connection facilities described herein, the Government shall pay the Contractor a connection charge. The payment shall be in the form of progress payments, advance payments or as a lump sum, as agreed to by the parties and as permitted by applicable law. The total amount payable shall be either the estimated cost of $______ less the agreed to salvage value of $______, or the actual cost less the salvage value, whichever is less. As a condition precedent to final payment, the Contractor shall execute a release of any claims against the Government arising under or by the virtue of such installation.

(b) Ownership, operation, maintenance and repair of new facilities to be provided. The facilities to be supplied by the Contractor under this clause, notwithstanding the payment by the Government of a connection charge, shall be and remain the property of the Contractor and shall, at all times during the life of this contract or any renewals thereof, be operated, maintained, and repaired by the Contractor at its expense. All taxes and other charges in connection therewith, together with all liability arising out of the construction, operations, maintenance, or repair of such facilities, shall be the obligation of the Contractor.

(c) Credits.

    (1) The Contractor agrees to allow the Government, on each monthly bill for service furnished under this contract to the service location, a credit of ______ percent of the amount of each such bill as rendered until the accumulation of credits shall equal the amount of such connection charge, provided that the Contractor may at any time allow a credit up to 100 percent of the amount of each such bill.

    (2) In the event the Contractor, before any termination of this contract but after completion of the facilities provided for in this clause, serves any customer other than the Government (regardless of whether the Government is being served simultaneously, intermittently, or not at all) by means of these facilities, the Contractor shall promptly notify the Government in writing. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing at that time, the Contractor shall promptly accelerate the credits provided for under paragraph (c)(1) of this clause, up to 100 percent of each monthly bill until there is refunded the amount that reflects the Government’s connection costs for that portion of the facilities used in serving others.

    (3) In the event the Contractor terminates this contract, or defaults in performance, prior to full credit of any connection charge paid by the Government, the Contractor shall pay to the Government an amount equal to the uncredited balance of the connection charge as of the date of the termination or default.

(d) Termination before completion of facilities. The Government reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time before completion of the facilities with respect to which the Government is to pay a connection charge. In the event the Government exercises this right, the Contractor shall be paid the cost of any work accomplished, including direct and indirect costs reasonably allocable to the completed work prior to the time of termination by the Government, plus the cost of removal, less the salvage value.

(e) Termination after completion of facilities. In the event the Government terminates this contract after completion of the facilities with respect to which the Government has paid a connection charge, but before the crediting in full by the Contractor of any connection charge in accordance with the terms of this contract, the Contractor shall have the following options:

    (1) To retain in place for _________ months after the notice of termination by the Government such facilities on condition that—

        (i) If, during such _______ month period, the Contractor serves any other customer by means of such facilities, the Contractor, shall, in lieu of allowing credits, pay the Government during such period installments in like amount, manner, and extent as the credit provided for under paragraph (c) of this clause before such termination; and

        (ii) Immediately after such ________ month period the Contractor shall promptly pay in full to the Government the uncredited balance of the connection charge.

    (2) To remove such facilities at the Contractor’s own expense within _______ months after the effective date of the termination by the Government. If the Contractor elects to remove such facilities, the Government shall then have the option of purchasing such facilities at the agreed salvage value set forth herein; and provided further, that the Contractor shall, at the direction of the Government, leave in place such facilities located on Government property which the Government elects to purchase at the agreed salvage value.

(End of clause)


Services ✖ Supplies ✖ Subcontractor ✖ Utility ✔ Construction ✖ Architect-Eng ✖ (Applies to utility services);

52.204-3 Taxpayer Identification.

52.209-11 Representation by Corporations Regarding Delinquent Tax Liability or a Felony Conviction under any Federal Law.

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52.209-5 Certification Regarding Responsibility Matters.

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52.228-11 Individual Surety—Pledge of Assets.

52.229-1 State and Local Taxes.

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52.229-2 North Carolina State and Local Sales and Use Tax.

52.229-3 Federal, State, and Local Taxes.

52.229-4 Federal, State, and Local Taxes (State and Local Adjustments).

52.229-6 Taxes-Foreign Fixed-Price Contracts.

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52.229-8 Taxes-Foreign Cost-Reimbursement Contracts.

52.229-9 Taxes-Cost-Reimbursement Contracts with Foreign Governments.

52.241-5 Contractor’s Facilities.

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252.219-7012 Competition for Religious-Related Services.

252.225-7032 Waiver of United Kingdom Levies-Evaluation of Offers.

252.228-7006 Compliance with Spanish Laws and Insurance.

252.229-7001 Tax Relief.

252.229-7002 Customs Exemptions (Germany).

252.229-7003 Tax Exemptions (Italy).

252.229-7004 Status of Contractor as a Direct Contractor (Spain).

252.229-7005 Tax Exemptions (Spain).

252.229-7006 Value Added Tax Exclusion (United Kingdom)

252.229-7008 Relief from Import Duty (United Kingdom).

252.229-7009 Relief from Customs Duty and Value Added Tax on Fuel (Passenger Vehicles) (United Kingdom).

252.229-7010 Relief from Customs Duty on Fuel (United Kingdom).

252.229-7011 Reporting of Foreign Taxes – U.S. Assistance Programs.

252.229-7012 Tax Exemptions (Italy)-Representation.

252.229-7013 Tax Exemptions (Spain)-Representation.

252.229-7014 Taxes-Foreign Contracts in Afghanistan.

252.229-7015 Taxes-Foreign Contracts in Afghanistan (North Atlantic Treaty Organization Status of Forces Agreement).

252.232-7010 Levies on Contract Payments.

252.236-7010 Overseas Military Construction--Preference for United States Firms.

252.236-7011 Overseas Architect-Engineer Services--Restriction to United States Firms.

252.236-7012 Military Construction on Kwajalein Atoll--Evaluation Preference.




5152.225-5914 Commodity Shipping Instructions

552.238-101 Foreign Taxes and Duties.

552.229-70 Federal, State, and Local Taxes.

552.229-71 Federal Excise Tax—DC Government.

652.229-70 Excise Tax Exemption Statement for Contractors Within the United States.

652.229-71 Personal Property Disposition at Posts Abroad.

752.229-70 Federal, state and local taxes.

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