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DFARS 252.217-7002 Offering Property for Exchange. Basic (Jun 2012)

As prescribed in 217.7005, use the provision at 252.217-7002, Offering Property for Exchange, when offering nonexcess personal property for exchange. Allow a minimum of 14 calendar days for the inspection period in paragraph (b) of the clause if the exchange property is in the contiguous United States. Allow at least 21 calendar days outside the contiguous United States.


      (a)  The property described in item number ____________, is being offered in accordance with the exchange provisions of 40 U.S.C. 503.

      (b)  The property is located at                               (insert address)                              .  Offerors may inspect the property during the period         (insert beginning and ending dates and insert hours during day)        .

(End of provision)


Contracts ✖ (Applies when offering nonexcess personal property for exchange.);


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