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DFARS 252.222-7002 Compliance with Local Labor Laws (Overseas). Basic (Jun 1997)

As prescribed in 222.7201(a), use the clause at 252.222-7002, Compliance with Local Labor Laws (Overseas), in solicitations and contracts for services or construction to be performed outside the United States and its outlying areas.


      (a)  The Contractor shall comply with all--

              (1)  Local laws, regulations, and labor union agreements governing work hours; and

              (2)  Labor regulations including collective bargaining agreements, workers’ compensation, working conditions, fringe benefits, and labor standards or labor contract matters.

      (b)  The Contractor indemnifies and holds harmless the United States Government from all claims arising out of the requirements of this clause.  This indemnity includes the Contractor’s obligation to handle and settle, without cost to the United States Government, any claims or litigation concerning allegations that the Contractor or the United States Government, or both, have not fully complied with local labor laws or regulations relating to the performance of work required by this contract.

      (c)  Notwithstanding paragraph (b) of this clause, consistent with paragraphs 31.205-15(a) and 31.205-47(d) of the Federal Acquisition Regulation, the Contractor will be reimbursed for the costs of all fines, penalties, and reasonable litigation expenses incurred as a result of compliance with specific contract terms and conditions or written instructions from the Contracting Officer.

(End of clause)


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