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DFARS 252.227-7001 Release of Past Infringement. Basic (Aug 1984)

As prescribed at 227.7009-2(a). The clause at 252.227-7001, Release of Past Infringement, is an example which may be modified or omitted as appropriate for particular circumstances, but only upon the advice of cognizant patent or legal counsel. (See footnotes at end of clause.)
RELEASE OF PAST INFRINGEMENT (AUG 1984) The Contractor hereby releases each and every claim and demand which he now has or may hereafter have against the Government for the manufacture or use by or for the Government prior to the effective date of this contract, of any inventions covered by (i) any of the patents and applications for patent identified in this contract, and (ii) any other patent or application for patent owned or hereafter acquired by him, insofar as and only to the extent that such other patent or patent application covers the manufacture, use, or disposition of (description of subject matter).* (End of clause) *Bracketed portions of the clause may be omitted when not appropriate or not encompassed by the release as negotiated.
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