DFARS 252.247-7007 Liability and Insurance. Basic (Dec 1991) (Current)

As prescribed in 247.270-4(d), use the 252.247-7007, Liability and Insurance, clause in all solicitations and contracts.


      (a)  The Contractor shall be—

              (1)  Liable to the Government for loss or damage to property, real and personal, owned by the Government or for which the Government is liable;

              (2)  Responsible for, and hold the Government harmless from, loss of or damage to property not included in paragraph (a)(1); and

              (3)  Responsible for, and hold the Government harmless from, bodily injury and death of persons, resulting either in whole or in part from the negligence or fault of the Contractor, its officers, agents, or employees in the performance of work under this contract.

      (b)  For the purpose of this clause, all cargo loaded or unloaded under this contract is agreed to be property owned by the Government or property for which the Government is liable.

              (1)  The amount of the loss or damage as determined by the Contracting Officer will be withheld from payments otherwise due the Contractor.

              (2)  Determination of liability and responsibility by the Contracting Officer will constitute questions of fact within the meaning of the Disputes clause of this contract.

      (c)  The general liability and responsibility of the Contractor under this clause are subject only to the following specific limitations.  The Contractor is not responsible to the Government for, and does not agree to hold the Government harmless from, loss or damage to property or bodily injury to or death of persons if—

              (1)  The unseaworthiness of the vessel, or failure or defect of the gear or equipment furnished by the Government, contributed jointly with the fault or negligence of the Contractor in causing such damage, injury, or death; and

                    (i)  The Contractor, his officers, agents, and employees, by the exercise of due diligence, could not have discovered such unseaworthiness or defect of gear or equipment; or

                    (ii)  Through the exercise of due diligence could not otherwise have avoided such damage, injury, or death.

              (2)  The damage, injury, or death resulted solely from an act or omission of the Government or its employees, or resulted solely from proper compliance by officers, agents, or employees of the Contractor with specific directions of the Contracting Officer.

      (d)  The Contractor shall at its own expense acquire and maintain insurance during the term of this contract, as follows—

              (1)  Standard workmen's compensation and employer's liability insurance and longshoremen's and harbor workers' compensation insurance, or such of these as may be proper under applicable state or Federal statutes.

                    (i)  The Contractor may, with the prior approval of the Contracting Officer, be a self-insurer against the risk of this paragraph (d)(1).

                    (ii)  This approval will be given upon receipt of satisfactory evidence that the Contractor has qualified as a self-insurer under applicable provision of law.

              (2)  Bodily injury liability insurance in an amount of not less than $300,000 on account of any one occurrence.

              (3)  Property damage liability insurance (which shall include any and all property, whether or not in the care, custody, or control of the Contractor) in an amount of not less than $300,000 for any one occurrence.

      (e)  Each policy shall provide, by appropriate endorsement or otherwise, that cancellation or material change in the policy shall not be effective until after a 30 day written notice is furnished the Contracting Officer.

      (f)  The Contractor shall furnish the Contracting Officer with satisfactory evidence of the insurance required in paragraph (d) before performance of any work under this contract.

      (g)  The Contractor shall, at its own cost and expense, defend any suits, demands, claims, or actions, in which the United States might be named as a co-defendant of the Contractor, resulting from the Contractor's performance of work under this contract.  This requirement is without regard to whether such suit, demand, claim, or action was the result of the Contractor's negligence.  The Government shall have the right to appear in such suit, participate in defense, and take such actions as may be necessary to protect the interest of the United States.

      (h)  It is expressly agreed that the provisions in paragraphs (d) through (g) of this clause shall not in any manner limit the liability or extend the liability of the Contractor as provided in paragraphs (a) through (c) of this clause.

      (i)  The Contractor shall—

              (1)  Equitably reimburse the Government if the Contractor is indemnified, reimbursed, or relieved of any loss or damage to Government property;

              (2)  Do nothing to prevent the Government's right to recover against third parties for any such loss or damage; and

              (3)  Furnish the Government, upon the request of the Contracting Officer, at the Government's expense, all reasonable assistance and cooperation in obtaining recovery, including the prosecution of suit and the execution of instruments of assignment in favor of the Government.

(End of clause)


Prime’s Interest;
(Applies to stevedoring services.);

52.209-10 Prohibition on Contracting with Inverted Domestic Corporations.

52.214-27 Price Reduction for Defective Certified Cost or Pricing Data-Modifications-Sealed Bidding.

52.215-10 Price Reduction for Defective Certified Cost or Pricing Data.

52.216-24 Limitation of Government Liability.

52.222-12 Contract Termination-Debarment.

52.222-50 Combating Trafficking in Persons.

52.222-55 Minimum Wages for Contractor Workers Under Executive Order 14026.

52.228-1 Bid Guarantee.

52.228-8 Liability and Insurance-Leased Motor Vehicles.

52.232-27 Prompt Payment for Construction Contracts.

52.236-23 Responsibility of the Architect-Engineer Contractor.

52.242-3 Penalties for Unallowable Costs.

52.246-16 Responsibility for Supplies.

52.246-18 Warranty of Supplies of a Complex Nature.

52.246-19 Warranty of Systems and Equipment under Performance Specifications or Design Criteria.

52.246-21 Warranty of Construction.

52.247-21 Contractor Liability for Personal Injury and/or Property Damage.

52.247-22 Contractor Liability for Loss of and/or Damage to Freight other than Household Goods.

52.247-23 Contractor Liability for Loss of and/or Damage to Household Goods.

52.247-58 Loading, Blocking, and Bracing of Freight Car Shipments.

52.215-11 Price Reduction for Defective Certified Cost or Pricing Data-Modifications..

252.237-7025 Preaward Transparency Requirements for Firms Offering to Support Department of Defense Audits—Representation and Disclosure.

252.237-7026 Postaward Transparency Requirements for Firms that Support Department of Defense Audits.

252.228-7007 Public Aircraft and State Aircraft Operations—Liability.

252.227-7019 Validation of Asserted Restrictions--Computer Software.

252.227-7037 Validation of Restrictive Markings on Technical Data.

252.247-7014 Demurrage.

252.247-7016 Contractor Liability for Loss or Damage.

1852.245-71 Installation-accountable Government Property.

1852.227-88 Government-furnished computer software and related technical data.

1852.228-70 Aircraft Ground and Flight Risk.

1852.228-71 Aircraft Flight Risks.

1852.228-76 Cross-Waiver of Liability for International Space Station Activities.

1852.228-78 Cross-Waiver of Liability for Science or Space Exploration Activities Unrelated to the International Space Station.

1852.228-80 Insurance - Immunity From Tort Liability.

1852.228-81 Insurance - Partial Immunity From Tort Liability.

1852.228-82 Insurance - Total Immunity From Tort Liability.

1852.236-73 Hurricane Plan.

1852.245-72 Liability for Government property furnished for repair or other services.

3052.209-71 Reserve Officer Training Corps and military recruiting on campus.

3052.217-93 Subcontracts (USCG).

3052.217-95 Liability and insurance (USCG).

3052.217-97 Discharge of liens (USCG).

3052.217-99 Department of Labor Safety and Health Regulations for ship repairing (USCG).

3052.217-100 Guarantee (USCG).

3052.222-70 Strikes or picketing affecting timely completion of the contract work.

3052.222-71 Strikes or picketing affecting access to a DHS facility.

5352.223-9001 Health and Safety on Government Installations

5152.225-5900 Arming Requirements and Procedures for Personal Security Services Contractors and Requests for Personal Protection

5152.225-5903 Compliance with Laws and Regulations

5152.228-5900 Government Liability for Non-Tactical Vehicles

5152.225-5902 Fitness for Duty and Medical/Dental Care Limitations


552.236-73 Subcontracts.

552.211-70 Substantial Completion.

552.211-76 Charges for Packaging, Packing, and Marking.

552.236-80 Accounting Records and Progress Payments.

552.211-89 Non-Manufactured Wood Packaging Material for Export.

552.236-71 Contractor Responsibilities.

552.236-82 Subcontracts.

552.270-7 Fire and Casualty Damage.

652.236-70 Accident Prevention.

1452.204-70 Release of Claims.

1452.236-72 Preservation of historical and archeological data.

1452.228-72 Liability for Loss or Damage - Department of the Interior.

752.222-71 Nondiscrimination.

752.239-71 Information and Communication Technology Accessibility.

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