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DFARS 252.227-7008 Computation of Royalties. Basic (Aug 1984)

As prescribed at 227.7009- 4(c), insert the following clause in patent releases, license agreements, and assignments: The clauses set forth below are examples which may be used in patent release and settlement agreements, and license agreements, when it is desired to cover the subject matter thereof and the contract provides for payment of a running royalty. (c) Computation of royalties. The clause at 252.227-7008 providing for the computation of royalties, may be of varying scope depending upon the nature of the royalty bearing article, the volume of procurement, and the type of contract pursuant to which the procurement is to be accomplished.
COMPUTATION OF ROYALTIES (AUG 1984) Subject to the conditions hereinafter stated, royalties shall accrue to the Contractor under this agreement on all articles or materials embodying, or manufactured by the use of, any or all inventions claimed under any unexpired United States patent licensed herein, upon acceptance thereof by the Department of __________, at the rate of ____ percent of the net selling price of such articles or materials (amount) per (name of item) * whether manufactured by the Government or procured under a fixed price contract, and at the rate of (amount) per (name of item) acquired or manufactured by a Contractor performing under a cost-reimbursement contract. With respect to such articles or materials made by the Department of __________, “net selling price,” as used in this paragraph, means the actual cost of direct labor and materials without allowance for overhead and supervision. (End of clause)
Subcontractor ✖ (Applies to contracts providing for payment of a running royalty.);


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